Shinju no Nectar

English title: Nectar of Dharani
Writer: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Artist: Kenetsu Satou

shinju-no-nectar (1)Shinju no Nectar — or Nectar of Dharani — is the new series by the duo who made Seikon no Qwaser, and it’s very much in the same style as that (meaning plenty of weirdness, action and sex).

The biggest differences between the two titles so far, other than a completely new set of characters, is that Shinju no Nectar takes place in a steampunkish fantasy world rather than a contemporary setting, and it picks up plenty of inspiration from Hinduism and Buddhism whereas Seikon no Qwaser focused on Orthodox Christian mysticism.

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes; Yoshino Hiroyuki has a sneaky way of taking standard shounen tropes and seemingly incongruous T&A and slowly wrap them into more and more layers of dense plot and clever, detailed world building that make both elements part of the story.

Psylocke Scans, who did a great job translating the first two chapters of this title, decided to drop it and most graciously allowed me to pick it up! As a big fan of Yoshino Hiroyuki’s, I am very grateful and have made this my priority title.

You can find links to each chapter below, or you can go straight to the Mediafire folder and download all the chapters from there!